Pendudukan Jepun di Tanah Melayu



  1. faris ahmad farid Said:

    ok.siap already.kidding only.hahaha.

  2. shaun Said:

    OOOO.. very interesting 😀

  3. Erika Said:

    THERE teacher. Commented all already 🙂 [I think].. So I’m not in trouble! Wooohh!

  4. Yu Yang Said:

    Ok teacher , i checked the map aldrealy . So i’m done aldrealy……………..

  5. henry ngo Said:

    erm ..teacher…why was the map wasn’t the same in the text this map(internet)the Japan’s soldier they meet together at a lot of places…but the text book wasn’ actually which one was the right one?

  6. Julian Said:

    yea teacher the map in the trxt book said the second team went to conquer all the island but the internet map show that they conquer pulau pinang only???

  7. Lau Yishern Said:

    heyheyy mrs ganesh .. i see alreadyy …

  8. ~sArAh~ Said:

    d’ eAsiEst chAptEr!!
    i’M n0t iN trOuble wif dIz chAptEr!!
    iT juz liKe so EasY!!
    i Luv dIz chAptEr!!

  9. ~sArAh~ Said:

    i Luv HisT0ry!! =P

  10. hai everybody

  11. hai sarah i like you comment

  12. Я много что читал, но в последнее время только здесь нохожу пристанище для собственных изможденных мыслей

  13. syafiqah Said:


  14. noor baiti bt matjap Said:

    cam best jer….congrats…..

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