Dear students, Please complete your notes by 12/01/2007. Refer to your text book(pages 3 – 21).



  1. kiu yik khong Said:


  2. Yu Yang Said:


  3. Ong Jia Wei Said:

    .Thx teacher .U are such a good teacher =) . I wondering hu is the guy hu complain (angry).I will submite my homework on time

  4. Peh Leon Said:

    Hi MRS GANESH!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


    no problem
    bye mrsganesh
    c u…….

  6. Carlson Yap Said:

    k! no problem!

  7. Jane Said:

    Hey Mrs Ganesh =] i’ve submitted my comment alreadyy

  8. izzroy Said:

    ok…!!! yes teacher

  9. izzham! =) Said:

    hi teacher! =)

    3-12 ah?
    ok ok ill do it for u
    for u i will =P


  10. izzham! =) Said:


    nice page anyway ;D

  11. izzham! =) Said:

    eh eh i mean 3-21


  12. izzham! =) Said:


    u see carlson..
    what did he say
    ‘k! no problem!’
    we’ll see haha!

  13. shaun Said:

    doing now teacher.. will do properly so you wont scold me 😛

  14. faris ahmad farid Said:

    ok.got it teacher.u rock!!!

  15. Ho Chng Ee Said:

    teacher i’m not sure, am i suppose to comment on this also ar?

  16. Erika Said:

    as izzham said..for you i will? hahah

  17. kevin Said:

    ok teacher. I will do it as soon when Kien Ming gives me back my book 🙂

  18. Abdul Hannan(Hensem) Said:

    TEACHER!!!!!!! aiyo soo many but nevermind i got a very fast brain i can do one!! For You I Will Teacher! teacher i made a song…. it goes… i love you,you love me,lets all go and do sejarah, because if we don’t do the sejarah homework, Mrs. Garnesh will cut our heads:D:D i am very nice boy

  19. Abdul Hannan(Hensem) Said:

    teacher!!!! printer soo messed up la, no ink also, nevermind i print as fast as i can !!!! bye bye!!!!!!!

  20. Printha.. Said:

    hey mrs ganesh….i’ve already submitted my comment…
    thank you…
    have a nice day!!:-)

  21. Julian Said:

    ok ok teacher i’ll do the work….see our class different everybody using black file or green file but we special…we use pink file…hehehe

  22. Ter Cheng Said:

    Zzz…oki..i write by hand lah..easier

  23. Erika Said:

    wait we can type it?!

  24. izzham! =) Said:

    we can either type it or write it?
    i didnt knw!.. ish wasted lots of ink!
    teacher hannan perasan.. hensem agagag!

  25. izzham =D Said:

    im the ceo of my class!
    damn chun =D

  26. Carlson Yap Said:

    ok, teacher, juz finish my notes 10 minutes ago!!!! hehe!

  27. parameswari Said:

    Dear students,
    Thank you very much for your comments. I really enjoy reading all your comments. By the way Hannan, l like your song. Ok , do not forget to submit your homework.

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